Foods which have more carbs than you think

Carbohydrates are one among the many nutrients which we obtain from food. They play the role of providing one with energy for normal body functioning. However, as much as they have a crucial role, it is recommended that one should not take too many carbohydrates. For this reason, one might choose to cut down on the number of carbs that they ingest.

Reducing the number of carbohydrates is essential. First, it has been linked to helping one to lose weight. Secondly, a low carb diet is said to reduce one’s chances of getting type 2 diabetes. However, not all foods we think are “low-carb” actually are. We shall look into five high carb foods that you don’t expect to have as many carbohydrates as they do.

1. Yogurt

Most of us love yogurt. A more substantial number will prefer the flavored types of yogurt over the plain yogurt. However, this is not the right choice, especially when you wish to cut down on the carbs. A 250 g of flavored yogurt has a lot of sugar, at times more than 30 grams. This is regardless of the fact that they might be fat-free. If you would still like to get calcium and probiotics from yogurt, you should consider choosing Greek yogurt.

2. Milk and milk substitutes

Milk is excellent for providing calcium, protein and Vitamin B2 and B12. However, what many people do not know is that milk is also high in carb. In just 100ml of milk, there is 5g of carbs. A number of carbohydrates even gets higher when you opt for milk drinks which have milk in them such as milkshakes. The types of this drinks which are sweetened and are flavored might contain over 50g of carbs. The same applies for milk substitutes like soy milk and almond milk. A flavored milk substitute has more carbs.

3. Fruits

As stated earlier, one might assume that some of this foods have few carbs. Fruits are no exceptions. To the surprise of many, fruits contain high levels of carbohydrates thanks to the sugar, fructose. The amount, however, varies from one fruit to the other. For instance, a large banana can contain as much as 35g of carbohydrates while a red apple contains 20g of carbs. The high carbohydrate levels also reflect in fruit juices and smoothies.

4. Salad dressings

These might even come as a shock to many people. However, salad dressings do contain high levels of carbohydrates. This can be attributed to the high amounts of processed ingredients, added sugars, and preservatives that they contain. Consequently, it might be of benefit that you choose to make your salad dressing from vinegar and olive oil as opposed to buying the processed ones.

5. Baked beans

Beans are right for your diet. The natural beans contain complex carbohydrates and proteins which are great. On the other hand, baked beans might not be the best option that you have when you consider a number of carbohydrates that they have. The added sugar that is in baked beans adds their carbohydrate level to about 54 grams per cup. If you need to have baked beans, you should consider reducing the quantity.

To conclude, there are many foods which have more carbs than we know. If you would like to switch to a low-carb diet for one reason or the other, you should carefully look into the carbohydrate content of the foods you are opting to choose.



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