Rid Yourself Of Love Handles

Right, so you want to get slim, you want to lose that stomach fat, so your belly is flat and defined … and you certainly want to lose those rolls of love handles.

Before you rush into a diet or exercise program read this! Some basic info and tips how to think to succeed.

On the other hand, there are women who are five, ten or more pounds over their ideal weight but who live happy, fulfilling lives, because they aren’t obsessing over every little morsel, they simply enjoy life. They don’t worry!

Think about it – who’s having a good life?

Weight is relative; it is dependent on your height, bone size and much more. It is very much tied in with how you view yourself …. you’ll be much more attractive and happy, even if you’re heavier than the fashion models if you love and respect yourself.

Yes, that’s true even if you have love handles!

And you may well ask who makes the judging of being ideal in the first place? Just think of the great classical paintings and their ideal women. These women were beauties in their days – today they’d be called overweight! … and you can see they are quite “rounded” …..

A good, healthy body, is one that has a low ratio of fat to muscle. Women normally have a higher percentage of fat than men (unfair, but true!) because women’s bodies have different hormones.

A high Lean Body Mass (LBM) is universally acknowledged to mean you’re healthier. If you’re a 25-year-old woman, you might have 25% body fat, when you’re 65 maybe 45% body fat!

If said woman exercises and avoids being a “couch potato”, she might well have a much healthier 30 percent even at age 65 ….. and she’ll probably still be slim without love handles … because she won’t have any!

Growing more and bigger muscles makes a lot of sense since that in itself means your body will use up more calories – then you’ll automatically burn more of what you eat – in other words, lose weight. 

Plus, of course, muscles look sexier than fat … your health improves, you feel great and you certainly look much more attractive!

Muscle tissue and fat behave in completely different ways. It does not need oxygen, nor does it create activity and it cannot repair itself. All things muscle tissue is capable of. Body fat is as close to “dead flesh” as you can get … so it makes sense to shed some fat and replace it with healthy muscle tissue instead.

If you increase your muscle mass your hormones kick in, your skin glows, and your sex drive increases and you’re more alive. Build more muscle!

Thinking about love handles and stomach fat, think location, location, location! Where you have stored your fat is just as important as how much there is to it. Love handles and stomach fat is about the worst places to deposit fat in. A bad place to carry excess fat is on your stomach and as love handles.

You are more likely to have a long, healthy life if you are blessed with big hips and a slim waist. The level of so-called “Bad Cholesterol”, for example, is lower.


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