The Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Health

For several millennia and practically in every corner of the globe, alcohol has been a part of everyday life. Regardless of the type, source or method of production, it appears that we as humans in general simply cannot say no to an occasional drink or two.


At the same time, science and common sense have shown time and time again that consuming too much alcohol is bad for the health of the individual, both in short term and long term. The information on this problem is readily available and widely known.


But, on the other hand, not all drinks are the same and people regularly tend to mention the health benefits some types of alcohol possess. This, naturally, can leave you confused what are the drinks to be avoided and which should be indulged from time to time. To make this dilemma clear, here is the presentation of the best and worst alcoholic drinks for your health.

The Worst Alcohol types you can drink

Like it or not, one of the most problematic drinks for you is beer. Being that it is produced from a lot of carbohydrates and is not distilled, it has a low content of alcohol but a huge content of calories. A 0.5l can of beer contains on average around 180 calories, which means that an adult man could easily have all of their caloric needs with only seven beers per day. Thanks to this, beer is one of the main reasons for obesity in those who consume alcohol.
Then, there are the Margaritas. These come with the bad combination of huge calorie count and a high alcohol content which is bad news for everyone. In some cases, a single margarita can include an incredible 600 calories per drink, which should always be avoided.
Finally, there is an alcoholic beverage that is very famous and this is the Piña colada. However, it is even richer in calories than the Margarita, having more of them than a regular Big Mac.

The Best Alcohol Drinks to indulge yourself

One of the oldest and best-known alcohol drinks for your health is the red wine. These types of wine are rich in antioxidants, have a low-calorie count and provide your body with a series of cardiovascular benefits. It is no wonder that many of the world’s so-called blue spots, or regions where people live above average lifespans, consume red wine regularly. With the benefits for the blood pressure and blood vessels, it is a great choice when it comes to drinks.
Whiskey, which has a somewhat of a bad reputation because of its high alcohol content, is also a good choice when consumed in small amounts. It brings a lot of flavor in each serving, making it pleasant and ideally suited to be watered down a bit with ice. This way, if you drink it you ingest a minimal amount of calories while you get plenty of great taste.
Lastly, the combination of gin and tonic is a good choice because even though it includes some calories in the tonic part, it has the advantage of being a great digestive. This means that it helps the stomach digest the food in it, making it a great choice for a drink after a meal. It can also be consumed with club soda instead of a tonic if you want to consume a minimal amount of calories.
With this explanation when it comes to individual drink choices, you will be able to avoid things that are bad for you and enjoy those alcoholic drinks that actually do your body some good.


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